Kent Woodlands consists of 21 Subdivisions with a total of approximately 570 parcels.  Of those, 480 are KWPOA members who benefit from the protection of our CC&Rs.

A little history: Prior to 1995, each subdivision had its own set of CC&Rs, many of which were set to expire.  In 1995, 14 of the 21 subdivisions each voted by majority to adopt a newly consolidated set of Kent Woodlands CC&Rs.  The remaining 7 subdivisions either had already expired or opposed the adoption of the CC&Rs.  However, property owners within those 7 subdivisions could individually choose to adopt those CC&Rs by signing a “Consent to Adopt” and having that document recorded with the county.

There is no “opting out” of being a member; if your property is in one of the subdivisions that voted to adopt the 1995 CC&Rs, or if any previous owner of your property signed a Consent to Adopt, your property remains encumbered by the CC&Rs until they expire.  Note that membership does not follow individual people, but rather follows the title of the property itself.  Therefore, when a member sells or otherwise transfers his or her property, the new owner of record is a member by default.

Property owners who are not currently members of KWPOA are welcome to join the association by agreeing to attach our CC&Rs to their title by signing a “Consent to Adopt” and recording it with the county.  If you would like more information on this process, please contact the office at 721-7429.

Please note that KWPOA cannot give legal determinations of membership.  Should you wish to confirm whether or not your property is legally a member of KWPOA, please contact the Marin County Recorder.

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