Project Types and Fees

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All projects described herein require the submission of a written application to the KWPOA Architectural Committee. The Application Fee, plus a Reserve Fee, is due at the time the application is submitted.  Staff fees for project review are charged at the rate of $100/hour.  The Architectural Committee reserves the right to invade the Reserve Fee when the estimated hourly fee cost of the consultant for project review exceeds the Application Fee for the given category.  The Application Fee will be earned in full upon application submittal, any unapplied Reserve Fees will be returned to the applicant at the conclusion of the review process.  In the event that staff cost exceeds Application plus Reserve Fees, the applicant shall pay such additional costs prior to completion of project review.

No Charge
Removal of dead or diseased trees (with arborist’s report);  projects involving no exterior changes to house, landscaping, etc.  This includes repainting with same colors, re-roofing with same materials, rebuilding decks, fencing, bulkheads etc. in same location/height. If drainage, structures or landscaping are altered in any way, the project is not of this category.

C1: Project Category 1 • MINOR CHANGES • $300
Application Fee: $100; Reserve Fee: $200 (estimated 3 hours staff time)

Minor changes to existing development including the installation of solar panels, re-painting or re-roofing with different color or materials, significant tree trimming or removal.

C2: Project Category 2 • MINOR ADDITIONS • $600
Application Fee:  $350; Reserve Fee: $250 (estimated 6 hours staff time)

Minor additions (less than 100 sq ft), window changes, new or different fencing, addition of small decks, change in exterior lighting , and/or significant plantings or landscaping, etc.

C3: Project Category 3 • PRELIMINARY REVIEW • $1,000
Application Fee: $200; Reserve Fee: $800 (estimated 10 hours staff time)

Applicants must request preliminary review of Type 4, 5 and 6 projects. Preliminary review must precede submission of a complete application. The applicant must provide information for the Committee and its staff to thoroughly understand the proposal e.g. sketches and drawings, site photographs, a site plan, and elevations. The Committee will consider such and will provide the applicant with its preliminary opinions about the proposal with an eye to sparing the applicant the cost of unapprovable drawings. If additional meetings are required to produce an approvable project, fees may be increased commensurate to planning consultant costs. Preliminary review shall be NOT be considered an approval of all or any portion of the proposed project.

C4: Project Category 4 • SIGNIFICANT CHANGES IN APPEARANCE • $1,200
Application Fee $600; Reserve Fee: $600 (estimated 12 hours staff time)

Significant change to appearance, e.g. addition of second stories, enlargement of existing house, new out-buildings, cabana, guesthouse, garage, pools, etc.  Any new gross construction up to 1,000 square feet.

C5: Project Category 5 • SUBSTANTIAL REMODELS • $5,000
Application Fee: $3000; Reserve Fee: $2000 (estimated 50 hours staff time)

All remodels and additions exceeding 1,000 square feet.

C6: Project Category 6 • TEARDOWNS • $6,000
Application Fee: $4000; Reserve Fee: $2000 (estimated 60 hours staff time)

Removal of existing structure(s) and new construction.

C7: Project Category 7 • CHANGES TO APPROVED PROJECTS • $850
Application Fee: $100 per item; Reserve Fee: $750 (estimated 1 hour staff time per occurrence)

All changes to approved projects must be submitted to the Committee for approval.

C8: Project Category 8 • VIEW RESTORATION • $500
Application Fee: $100; Reserve Fee: $400 (estimated 5 hours staff time)

View Restoration (see Architectural Rule #35, Views and Trees Guideline, adopted January 25, 2007)

C9: Project Category 9 • APPEALS (other than from Project Category 8, View Restoration) • $1,500
Application Fee: $750; Reserve Fee: $750 (estimated 15 hours staff time)
• APPEALS from Project Category 8, View Restoration• $500
Application Fee: $100; Reserve Fee: $400 (estimated 5 hours staff time)

Any decision of the Architectural Committee may be appealed to the KWPOA Board of Directors.  Such appeals must comply with established appeal procedures, including time limits for filing such appeals, set forth by the Board.

C10: Project Category 10 • CHANGES IN ROOF FORM • $400
Application Fee: $250; Reserve Fee: $150 (estimated 4 hours staff time)

Significant changes in roof form, style or height.

C11: Project Category 11 • SLIDE REMEDIATION • $4,000
Application Fee: $3000; Reserve Fee: $1000 (estimated 40 hours staff time)

Slide remediation including retaining walls, bulkheads, debris containment walls and slide face replanting.

C12: Project Category 12 • TIME EXTENSIONS
Application Fee:  25% of prior fee plus Reserve Fee: $1000

Construction of projects approved by the Committee must begin no later than 24 months after approval.  If an applicant does not begin construction within that time, approval is void unless written application for extension (up to 12 additional months) is submitted at least 30 DAYS PRIOR to the expiration of the existing approval period.  Projects seeking extension may be subject to modification of plans as requested by the Committee.  Up to two extensions may be granted.  After two extensions, a complete, new application (including payment of the then current fees) must be submitted for any project.

Application Fee:  Four times the Application Fee, and one time the Reserve Fee for Project Category on this schedule

Kent Woodlands property owners are required to obtain approval of any construction project PRIOR to its construction.  If a property owner undertakes an Improvement or modification to an approved plan without prior approval, the property owner must subsequently submit a complete application for the project to the Committee for its approval and pay the requisite fees.  The requirement for submission of this late application does not imply that the Committee will approve the project as built or modified.  The Committee may require modification or removal of the as-built improvements.

If you are not sure what category might include your project, or whether your project requires an application, please contact the Committee.  It will determine the application requirements and fees for any type of project not covered by this schedule. The Architectural Committee reserves the right in the case of significant additional complexity to assess additional monies in order to meet additional costs incurred in assessing applications.

PLEASE NOTE:  Once work on an application has begun, Application Fees are non-refundable.

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